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  • Independent Petroleum Association of America submits comments supporting proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline

    The pipeline will also be built to withstand the formation of sinkholes, and the project has plans in place to project’s plans control erosion, sediment, and stormwater pollution, IPAA said.

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  • Pipelines and “Environmental Justice”

    As I was perusing the federal court ruling on the Sierra Club vs. FERC lawsuit (see previous post), I encountered a realm of administrative law with which I was entirely unfamiliar: environmental justice. I’d heard of the concept, of course; I just didn’t realize that it had insinuated itself into environmental impact statements (EISs) for pipelines, transmission lines, and the like.

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  • Power Play

    Turn right up there off the main road, go a little ways and take another right,” the clerk at the country store says. He adds with a grin, “I don’t think you’ll miss it.” His meaning is soon clear: The pine plantations that line both sides of River Road in the tiny rural community of Cofield suddenly give way to a massive industrial complex.

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