Get the Facts About the Atlantic Coast Pipeline
The approximately 600-mile Atlantic Coast Pipeline is designed to make our region energy sure by connecting us to an abundant supply of affordable, cleaner-burning natural gas.

Bringing American Energy to Our Region

Bringing American Energy to Our Region

Exciting progress is being made with the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP), which will connect one of the nation’s largest supplies of natural gas to the areas where it is needed most. The pipeline itself is a $5 billion investment in the infrastructure needed to put American energy to work in our region — and economies at both ends of the pipeline will benefit. 

Areas rich with natural gas will have an enhanced ability to move that gas to market, specifically to areas in Virginia and North Carolina where current supplies of natural gas are insufficient to grow the economy and create jobs. Currently the ACP is working with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to obtain the approvals and permits needed to begin construction while also working with communities along the route to finalize a route that offers maximum benefits with minimal impacts.

As this process is underway, additional progress has been made to increase our access to reliable, American energy:

 The ACP will traverse approximately 600 miles to move natural gas to our region. It will cross both public and private property along a route that is carefully evaluated to have minimal impact on the public and the environment. This requires both the cooperation and collaboration with landowners to ensure the ACP has collected all the information needed to assess potential routes. 

 The ACP has received survey permission from 90 percent of the landowners along the initial route and continues to collaborate with landowners as route adjustments are made.

As the route is finalized, the ACP continues to work with landowners to secure easement rights. The ACP is committed to approaching each landowner in good faith to reach an agreement that satisfies both parties. 
 To date, more than 500 landowners have reached agreements and received their compensation for the ACP. 


Infrastructure projects like the ACP can have far reaching impacts on America’s economy. A vast amount of pipe is needed to complete the 600-mile long pipeline. 

 The ACP will purchase more than $400 million of American-made steel pipe — American steel to transport American energy to our region.

This energy will be put to work right away. Even before construction of the ACP has begun, businesses and industries are already making plans to use the natural gas that it will transport. 
 In fact, 96 percent of that natural gas has already been secured for use. 


 The Atlantic Coast Pipeline: American-made. American jobs. American energy – at work right here in our region.

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