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Business and Labor Groups Support Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Business and Labor Groups Support Atlantic Coast Pipeline

88.9 WCVE
by John Ogle

Three dozen business and labor groups have signed a letter to the six candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General expressing their support for the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

Chris Saxman is Executive Director of a non profit, Virginia Free, that works with business leaders and labor unions.

"The Atlantic Coast Pipeline will bring low gas prices and energy prices for the poor and the working poor. This also helps people on fixed incomes," said Saxman.

The letter notes that construction will bring 8,800 jobs and $1.4 billion in economic activity. It also outlines economic and environmental benefits and the creation of 1,300 new long term jobs after the pipelines built.

"These are good high paying jobs that will stimulate economic growth and even more tax revenue to fill in funding gaps especially when it comes to paying our teachers and law enforcement and fire fighters."

There is opposition but Governor Terry McAuliffe has indicated his support for the Atlantic Coast natural gas pipeline.

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