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Letter: Supporting Atlantic Coast Pipeline

 Letter: Supporting Atlantic Coast Pipeline

The Virginian-Pilot

I was pleasantly surprised to read “On pipelines, Northam finds middle ground hard to hold” (editorial, Aug. 26).

As an advocate for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline since it was announced, I have met pipeline supporters across the state who agree with the measures taken by federal, state and local officials to protect residents and the environment before, during and after construction.

A stringent regulatory process already is in place to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to mitigate impact on the environment, and Gov. Ralph Northam has consistently voiced his support for those processes.

When the regulatory process is finished, the project will create jobs and improve energy security. The ACP will bring desperately needed supplies of natural gas to homes and businesses across the region. Larger businesses are especially aware of the issues caused by a lack of adequate energy supplies.

Energy costs have skyrocketed due to increased demand during cold winter days in recent years, and the pipeline will provide local distributors with an additional source of fuel to deliver to consumers.

I look forward for the regulatory process to finish so we can begin to fully benefit from the jobs and energy this project will provide.

Deborah Gittens

Virginia Beach

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