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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Atlantic Pipeline

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Atlantic Pipeline

The News & Observer

Letter to the Editor

Atlantic Pipeline

It is imperative that we take advantage of the short- and long-term benefits the Atlantic Coast Pipeline will bring to the eastern North Carolina economy and our workforce.

The two-year construction process will create more than 4,000 jobs across eastern North Carolina. After the ACP is complete, many could go on to pursue long-term careers in the building and construction trades.

But benefits to the workforce go beyond job creation, as North Carolina is expecting $60 million in tax revenue from the pipeline through 2025. This can be used to continue reinvesting in our communities, public schools, and citizens.

The ACP will bring economic opportunity to eastern North Carolina and progress towards a cleaner energy future. The availability of natural gas will help us move our state away from coal and toward more renewable energy – something we can all get behind.

This project offers a rare win-win for a cleaner energy future as well as accelerated economic growth for eastern North Carolina. We should welcome this opportunity with open arms.

Vann Rogerson and Mark Hamblin

NC East Alliance

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