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  • Poll finds majority support for Atlantic Coast Pipeline in all three states

    A poll commissioned by a Washington, D.C.-based energy organization shows majority voter support in all three affected states for the approval and construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

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  • Atlantic Coast Pipeline Still Garnering Most Voters’ Support in WV, VA, NC

    More than half of registered voters in West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina support the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP), according to a survey released Monday by the Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA).

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  • Virginia will benefit from Atlantic Coast Pipeline

    I’ve been a supporter of this project and I have attended nearly every briefing or hearing in Augusta County over the last two years where this project was discussed. The statements made by a writer of a letter to your paper that this project will harm the environment has been proven inaccurate by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission who stated in their draft environmental statement that this project will have little impact on the environment. This pipeline will be done safely with the latest technology. Several pipelines already run in karst terrain and one major pipeline has existed in Augusta County for decades now, nearly unnoticed.

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