American Energy for North Carolina

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The Atlantic Coast Pipeline has been more thoroughly scrutinized than any infrastructure project in North Carolina history. Over the past three years, the ACP has worked with dozens of state and federal agencies and maintained open communication with the public, holding hundreds of meetings with communities and individual property owners. The ACP has also taken unprecedented steps to protect the environment—hundreds of route adjustments to avoid water sources, wildlife habitats and other environmentally sensitive areas; utilizing best-in-class programs during construction; and working with landowners to plant pollinators along the route, to name just a few.

North Carolina needs the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. The ACP will bring much-needed American energy to areas where demand outpaces supply. This infrastructure will create jobs and bring in new industry. And, thanks to the protective measures the ACP has promised to put in place, the long-term benefits outweigh any potential short-term impacts.

With only one major natural gas transmission pipeline in the state, North Carolina can’t grow without the ACP. The affordable energy it will bring to our state will allow us to compete nationally for new business and new jobs.

If you support North Carolina jobs and North Carolina workers, I ask that you support the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.