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Congratulations on your election as Virginia’s next governor!

As you prepare to lead the Commonwealth for the next four years, I want to thank you for your long-standing commitment to standing up for American energy and the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

This project is essential to the economic vitality, environmental health and energy security of our region. It will mean more economic opportunity and lower energy bills for consumers, workers and businesses. And it will mean a cleaner environment for all who call Virginia home.

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline will bring new supplies of natural gas to public utilities in Virginia and North Carolina, to generate cleaner electricity, provide home heating, and power new manufacturing plants and other industries.

Our existing pipeline infrastructure is fully tapped and can’t meet the growing need—which could double in the coming years. We must build new infrastructure; that’s why the Atlantic Coast Pipeline is so important.

While the opposition may be vocal, they are in the minority. Those who believe, as I do, that our region desperately needs the pipeline outnumber those who don’t.

Thank you for your leadership; Virginia stands with you in support of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

Thank you,

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