Powering Our Communities

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I am writing to show my support for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. I believe the benefits the pipeline will bring far outweigh the temporary disruption of the project’s construction.

The communities in our region must work together to ensure that those who need energy, get it. The Atlantic Coast Pipeline will bring that needed energy security by providing energy that is produced here and used here to help us meet our growing energy needs.

In addition, the Atlantic Coast Pipeline will have a huge economic impact in our communities. Over the next decade, the Atlantic Coast Pipeline could be the largest private producer of jobs in the three states it travels through. Our communities will also greatly benefit from the tax revenues generated by the project.

I understand how much research, thought, attention and conversation goes into making a project of this magnitude a reality. But I hope you will recognize the positive impacts the Atlantic Coast Pipeline will have on our state and that you will join with me in supporting this critical project.