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  • EDITORIAL: On pipeline project, a misplaced debate

    A recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling favoring construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline recalls a Virginian-Pilot editorial published almost two years ago. As editorials go, it was more obvious than profound, more practical than idealistic: Ensure a reliable, safe power supply, tend to issues of water quality and environmental protection and make sure we get a “robust, informed and public debate” over the necessary choices. The environmental community decided to pursue this case instead. And lost. Badly.

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  • Supreme Court Seems Ready to Back Pipeline Across Appalachian Trail

    A challenge from environmental groups to an $8 billion natural gas pipeline that would cross the Appalachian Trail seemed to falter at the Supreme Court on Monday, with even some of the court’s more liberal members expressing skepticism about the breadth of the groups’ legal theory.Supreme Court Seems Ready to Back Pipeline Across Appalachian Trail

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  • Supreme Court Pipeline Fight Could Disrupt How The Appalachian Trail Is Run

    The Appalachian Trail – the 2,200-mile hiking stretch that goes from Georgia to Maine — is at the center of a legal battle that has risen to the Supreme Court.

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