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  • OPINION: Future of region brighter for pipeline ruling

    My daily mission, and my constant focus, is to look for every means possible to set the conditions for businesses to succeed and bring good jobs and economic growth to our region.

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  • EDITORIAL: On pipeline project, a misplaced debate

    A recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling favoring construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline recalls a Virginian-Pilot editorial published almost two years ago. As editorials go, it was more obvious than profound, more practical than idealistic: Ensure a reliable, safe power supply, tend to issues of water quality and environmental protection and make sure we get a “robust, informed and public debate” over the necessary choices. The environmental community decided to pursue this case instead. And lost. Badly.

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  • OPINION: Supreme Court win for ACP is victory for common sense

    I know we don’t have sports anymore, but there was a major upset this week. The unknown and little used team of common sense won something. Seriously. Of course common sense has pretty much become the Cleveland Browns of modern day life: a perennial loser. But along came the Supreme Court of the United States and their ruling in favor of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, handing the team of common sense a trip to the Super Bowl!

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