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The approximately 600-mile Atlantic Coast Pipeline is designed to make our region energy sure by connecting us to an abundant supply of affordable, cleaner-burning natural gas.

ACP Supporters Take Their Arguments to the Supreme Court

ACP Supporters Take Their Arguments to the Supreme Court

Years ago, the U.S. Forest Service granted the Atlantic Coast Pipeline a permit to cross 0.1 miles of the Appalachian Trail at a depth of more than 600 feet. After this permit was challenged in court, construction was haltedputting jobs, economies, and progress on hold with it.

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear an appeal of the lower court's decision, with oral arguments scheduled for February 2020 and a decision expected no later than June 2020. Since that time, countless interested parties have come forward to voice their support of the ACP directly with the Supreme Court. You can read their arguments in full below. 

WV Attorney General Patrick Morrisey led an 18-state coalition in support of the ACP, submitting a brief to the Supreme Court underscoring the need for the project to continue. He also gave a press conference at the state Capitol, flanked by the workers and business leaders who depend on infrastructure projects like the ACP to fuel the economy and their paychecks. You can find the link to his full press conference here, and continue to check back for more updates.

Amicus Curiae Briefs to the Supreme Court: