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  • Pipeline delays hurting economic recovery

    Ivan Hargrove, lead pastor of Refuge Temple Ministries, hoped the 600-mile Atlantic Coast Pipeline could help bring development back to the tight-knit community thanks to the growth and economic benefits that planners, government officials and business leaders know the pipeline will bring in its wake.

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  • Pipeline delays leave workers in a bind

    Recently Jamie Meadows, a construction worker on the 600-mile Atlantic Coast Pipeline, was thrilled to be able to have a job fairly close to his home and his family. But then the pipeline was put on pause due to delays in the courts—delays that have put the future of the pipeline and those depending on it up in the air.

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  • Pipeline delays hurting communities

    Buckingham County in Virginia—with only one incorporated town, a population of about 17,000, three doctors and six dentists—has not seen some of the same advantages of its more populous and affluent neighbors. Buckingham County has higher-than-average unemployment rates and that is one of the reasons the Atlantic Coast Pipeline is so important to the area.

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