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  • ACP Supporters Take Their Arguments to the Supreme Court

    Years ago, the U.S. Forest Service granted the Atlantic Coast Pipeline a permit to cross 0.1 miles of the Appalachian Trail at a depth of more than 600 feet. After this permit was challenged in court, construction was halted—putting jobs, economies, and progress on hold with it.

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  • Pipeline delays hurting economic recovery

    Ivan Hargrove, lead pastor of Refuge Temple Ministries, hoped the 600-mile Atlantic Coast Pipeline could help bring development back to the tight-knit community thanks to the growth and economic benefits that planners, government officials and business leaders know the pipeline will bring in its wake.

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  • What's on the line while the ACP is delayed?

    The delay in construction on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline is causing concern among workers connected with the project, businesses in the areas around construction, and communities counting on development that goes along with the pipeline.

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