Get the Facts About the Atlantic Coast Pipeline
The approximately 600-mile Atlantic Coast Pipeline is designed to make our region energy sure by connecting us to an abundant supply of affordable, cleaner-burning natural gas.

Boosting the Local Economy

Boosting the Local Economy

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline is poised to have a significant impact on the tax revenues of Virginia, North Carolina and West Virginia. During construction it’s estimated that the three state governments will receive $4.2 million in tax revenue per year. Once construction begins, the Atlantic Coast Pipeline also will pay annual property taxes to every locality where it is located.

Then, beginning in 2022, projected cumulative property taxes are estimated at $25 million annually. Want to know how your community will directly benefit from these tax revenues?

Atlantic Coast Pipeline Property Tax Estimates*

Total, 2020-2030
REGION TOTAL  $342,384,000
Cumberland  $18,748,500
Halifax  $10,944,500
Johnston  $18,182,500
Nash  $12,437,500
Northampton  $17,312,500
Robeson  $10,644,500
Sampson  $3,756,500
Wilson  $5,082,500
NC TOTAL  $97,109,000
Augusta  $24,343,000
Bath  $8,470,000
Brunswick  $10,074,000
Buckingham  $18,737,500
Chesapeake  $3,466,000
Cumberland  $5,746,500
Dinwiddie  $7,428,500
Greensville  $11,786,000
Highland  $3,514,000
Nelson  $15,258,500
Nottoway  $9,665,000
Prince Edward  $1,996,000
Southampton  $5,084,000
Suffolk  $8,106,500
VA TOTAL  $136,718,500
Harrison  $2,373,000
Lewis  $32,491,500
Pocahontas  $21,251,500
Randolph  $25,777,500
Upshur  $23,956,000
WV TOTAL  $108,556,500


*Please note:

 1. All tax calculations are based on current CAPEX & Income projections and are subject to change.

 2. All tax calculations are based on the latest available tax rates and assessment ratios.

3. Changes in the construction schedules may affect the amount and distribution of the property tax payments in any given year.

4. Estimates shown are based on County rates only on the assumption that the pipeline assets will be located outside the City Limits of each State (except for the Laydown Yards in the Town of Culpeper & Clarksville, VA).

5. Estimate is based on project coming on-line in late 2021 for WV & Some VA Counties (Bath, Augusta,Nelson,Price Edward). All of NC & remaining VA Counties comes on line in late 2020.

6. Property tax amounts represent estimated Calendar Tax Year payments and NOT  the Fiscal Year of the Taxing Jurisdictions. 


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