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The approximately 600-mile Atlantic Coast Pipeline is designed to make our region energy sure by connecting us to an abundant supply of affordable, cleaner-burning natural gas.

RELEASE: FERC approves Atlantic Coast Pipeline and Supply Header Project

RELEASE: FERC approves Atlantic Coast Pipeline and Supply Header Project

Friday, October 13, 2017


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Virginia Chamber of Commerce
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Virginia Building & Construction Trades Council
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EnergySure coalition releases statement on FERC approval of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and Supply Header Project

The following is a joint statement on behalf of the EnergySure coalition by Barry DuVal, President & CEO, Virginia Chamber of Commerce, and Matt Yonka, President, Virginia Building & Construction Trades Council, on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s approval of a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and Supply Header Project:

“This is great news for our economy, our working men and women and energy consumers all across our region. This project will serve as a catalyst for economic growth, job creation and greater energy security in our region for years to come. The hardworking men and women who built our nation are ready to get to work rebuilding our region’s infrastructure. We’re eager to see the thousands of new jobs and billions of dollars in new income this project will bring to the region.

Businesses and economic developers are looking forward to a future with more opportunities for growth and greater access to the affordable, reliable energy our economy depends on. The approval of this project will breathe new life into West Virginia’s natural gas industry and help revitalize manufacturing and other new industries across Virginia and eastern North Carolina.

Whether you’re a small business owner, corporation or working family, all energy consumers in our region will benefit from the lower energy costs this project will bring. By lowering energy costs in Virginia and North Carolina by more than $370 million a year, this pipeline will allow businesses to grow and families to save. The pipeline will also mean lower emissions and cleaner air in all of our communities as electric utilities continue making the transition from coal to cleaner-burning natural gas.

We thank the dedicated public servants at FERC for taking the time to so carefully review this project and ensure it is built with the greatest protections for public safety and the environment. We will continue urging the other state and federal agencies to approve the project without delay so we can start rebuilding our economy and put our people back to work.”

Below are additional statements from individual Energy Sure members in West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina:


Anne Blankenship, Executive Director, West Virginia Oil & Natural Gas Association
“We applaud FERC’s action today on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline project. Receiving the approval of a certificate for this project is a critical step for growth of the oil and gas industry. It will provide the much needed infrastructure to move West Virginia's natural gas to market and create thousands of construction jobs across our state.”

Kathy Wagner, President, Harrison County Chamber of Commerce
"We are excited about the FERC issuing a certificate for the much anticipated ACP project and we very much look forward to the job opportunities, business growth potential and overall economic boost this project will bring all across our region and throughout West Virginia."

Steve White, Director, Affiliated Construction Trades (a division of the West Virginia State Building Trades)
“We are excited FERC has issued a certificate for the project. After waiting many years we will finally see local construction workers get much needed jobs building the ACP. It will also mean new careers for apprentices who will be needed to build this project.”

Steve Roberts, President, West Virginia Chamber of Commerce
“West Virginians received welcome news with the FERC approval of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and Supply Header Project. More progress, more jobs and an enlarged tax base are just a few of the anticipated results. West Virginia is an energy producing state and our nation needs West Virginia's energy. We express appreciation to all involved.”


Amanda Jarratt, Franklin-Southampton, VA
“This project is a long time coming. We are excited about the opportunity to build new infrastructure that will bring natural gas to new and underserved parts of Virginia. The Atlantic Coast Pipeline will bring needed energy resources to communities like Franklin-Southampton, to heat homes, power businesses, and expand economic development opportunities. Tapping into our nation’s abundant supply of clean-burning natural gas will allow us to strengthen the regional Hampton Roads economy while improving the quality of our environment.”

Anne Seaton, Waynesboro, VA
"Three years ago the Atlantic Coast Pipeline was announced. After dozens of hearings and thousands of public comments, I continue to proudly support this project. This is a great day for Virginia, and like many in my community, I am excited to see construction of this project get underway."

Scott Bazzarre, Fluvanna, VA
“The Atlantic Coast Pipeline will bring needed jobs to skilled laborers and craftsman, while providing local tax revenues to communities along the route. After years of review, I am glad to see the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issue its certificate for the ACP. I am excited to see this project move forward. This is progress.”

Carlton Ballowe, Nelson County, VA
“Today this project reached a key milestone. We support the Atlantic Coast Pipeline because it will bring an abundant and affordable source of energy to our region to keep energy costs low now and into the future. ACP is the right thing to do.”


Steve Yost, President, North Carolina Economic Development Association
“The Atlantic Coast Pipeline is a key piece of energy infrastructure for North Carolina’s manufacturing economy. The ACP will yield immediate job creation in eastern North Carolina, and it will serve as a long-term source of new tax revenue for several of the state’s most economically-challenged counties. We’re pleased to see federal regulators respond affirmatively to the volumes of information ACP has submitted in order to move this important project forward.”

Norris Tolson, CEO & President, Carolinas Gateway Partnership
"We see the Atlantic Coast Pipeline as absolutely essential to the economic success of eastern North Carolina and to the well-being of the citizens we serve. If we cannot get adequate supplies of natural gas, our economic development efforts will be less fruitful, and we will not be able to contribute to a better quality of life for this generation and future generations to come. FERC’s approval today confirms that eastern North Carolina will now have that opportunity for a successful future."

Cathy Scott, Director of Economic Development, Halifax Development Commission
“Projects like the Atlantic Coast Pipeline are unique, incredible opportunities for the future of Eastern North Carolina and Halifax County. I have been proud to support the ACP for over two years, and am thrilled about the FERC’s decision to grant a certificate for this important project.”

Greg Cummings, Mayor, Pembroke, NC
“I want to thank the FERC for their momentous decision today. The Atlantic Coast Pipeline will bring much needed jobs and economic development to Robeson County, and will help us continue to rebuild from the devastation we experienced due to Hurricane Matthew last year.”


The EnergySure Coalition is a group of businesses, organizations and individuals across North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and beyond that is standing up for reliable energy in our region. Increased demand for energy is expected to continue growing in both Virginia and North Carolina. The approximately 600-mile Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) is designed to make our region energy sure by connecting us to an abundant supply of affordable, cleaner-burning natural gas. With the ACP, we also will benefit from cleaner air, lower energy costs and job creation. EnergySure’s goal is to educate, share facts and participate in informed discussions about the ACP and its vital role in meeting the region's energy needs.