Get the Facts About the Atlantic Coast Pipeline
The approximately 600-mile Atlantic Coast Pipeline is designed to make our region energy sure by connecting us to an abundant supply of affordable, cleaner-burning natural gas.

What Does the ACP mean for Virginia?

What Does the ACP mean for Virginia?

With the demand for energy continuing to rise in Virginia, it’s important to find new, clean fuel sources to meet our needs. In fact, demand for natural gas as a fuel for power generation in the Commonwealth and North Carolina is projected to more than double over the next 20 years.

That’s why the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline could benefit all Virginians, whether they live near or far from the project. The ACP will connect us to the nation’s largest supply of clean, natural gas — making our region energy sure.

Upon the ACP’s completion, more than half of the pipeline will be in Virginia. Virtually all of the project will be buried, meaning it will be no more noticeable than the 3,000 miles of natural gas pipelines already in the ground across the Commonwealth. The pipeline will cross into Virginia from West Virginia in Highland County and travel southeast, crossing 13 counties with an extension into Chesapeake, before crossing into North Carolina. A compressor station will be located in Buckingham County.

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The ACP will have a significant impact on Virginia’s tax revenue. During construction, it is estimated that Virginia will receive $2.4 million in new tax revenue per year. Upon completion of the pipeline and compressor station, the ACP is expected to contribute $10.4 million in annual local property tax revenue in Virginia. What could that additional revenue mean? Potentially, additional funding for roads, schools and other community improvements. In addition to tax revenue, the ACP will be a large job producer. The pipeline could support 8,800 jobs during its construction. Once in operation, the lower energy costs resulting from the pipeline could support the creation of 1,300 well-paid, full-time jobs in Virginia.

Jobs and tax revenue are two ways Virginia will benefit from the ACP — but its primary benefit will be reliable energy. Our region’s economy must have a new supply of clean, reliable energy in order to grow. Before they can create new jobs, businesses looking to relocate or expand in Virginia must be assured that their demand for energy can be met. Industry in Hampton Roads has already been affected by natural gas shortages. The ACP will provide a dependable supply of natural gas, which means reliable energy and more consistent energy prices — making it easier for homes and businesses to budget with less volatile bills.

Virginia’s homes, businesses and industries depend on reliable energy, and capacity has reached its limits. The Atlantic Coast Pipeline is the best way to make us energy sure by connecting our region to a new supply of clean, affordable and reliable natural gas.


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