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  • Power Play

    Turn right up there off the main road, go a little ways and take another right,” the clerk at the country store says. He adds with a grin, “I don’t think you’ll miss it.” His meaning is soon clear: The pine plantations that line both sides of River Road in the tiny rural community of Cofield suddenly give way to a massive industrial complex.

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  • New Study: 125,500 Virginia Jobs Supported by Natural Gas and Oil

    The Virginia Petroleum Council today released a new study showing that the U.S. natural gas and oil industry supported 125,500 jobs in the state and contributed $11.97 billion to the state’s economy in 2015. The study found that all 50 states, whether energy producing or not, continued to benefit from the industry.

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  • Easy decisions made hard

    A comment would seem appropriate on how leadership is about making hard decision. But the problem is recent decisions from local boards are not hard. Worse yet, there are no huge ideological, political or other major obstacles either. County boards can sometimes be their own biggest obstacles.

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