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  • Harbert, McGarvey, DuVal and Yonka: It's time to act on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline

    Over the past decade, technology and innovation have led to a dramatic increase in our energy resources. This abundant supply of energy is vital to America’s —and Virginia’s — economy. But without the necessary infrastructure, we can’t take advantage of these resources. That’s where the Atlantic Coast Pipeline comes in.

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  • Gillespie isn’t conning voters or The News Virginian

    Ed Gillespie is not conning voters or The News Virginian, as Jay Swanson alleges! His tax plan is solid and financially sound. When implemented, said plan will add tremendous growth and economic development that has been on a decline for the past many years.Along with the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, this becomes a win-win situation.

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  • In support of the pipeline

    I am pleased with the decision by FERC to approve the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, and I hope to see the state agencies coordinating on the project work to grant final permits soon.

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