Get the Facts About the Atlantic Coast Pipeline
The approximately 600-mile Atlantic Coast Pipeline is designed to make our region energy sure by connecting us to an abundant supply of affordable, cleaner-burning natural gas.

Our Bridge to the Future of Energy

Our Bridge to the Future of Energy

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline is our region’s best clean energy option and our bridge to utilizing more renewable energy sources. These sources such as solar and wind are an important part of a diverse energy portfolio, but they aren’t realistically able to be our sole source of energy. To provide the same amount of energy that natural gas can, renewables would need to use much more land—anywhere from 70 times to 300 times more than the ACP will use. In addition, generating solar and wind energy could cost up to 10 times more than natural gas, a price that many families and businesses simply wouldn’t be able to afford. 

Renewable energy production can also fluctuate based on weather conditions, but natural gas power plants can respond quickly to changes in supply and demand, so they can support the development of renewables by providing reliable backup generation. The Atlantic Coast Pipeline could be a vital bridge to increased renewable energy use, by providing a stable, affordable source of American energy. The natural gas supplied by the ACP would power economic growth for many years, so that the expansion and improvement of renewable energy production can continue. 

In addition to vital energy, the ACP will also provide cleaner air for our region. Natural gas burns cleaner, with fewer emissions and carbon output than older forms of energy we have depended on in the past. With the amazing strides the industry has made in lowering environmental impact, natural gas is the cleanest source of energy that can meet our needs.

If you agree that the ACP is the answer for cleaner energy that meets our demand, take a minute to send a letter to FERC to show your support. 


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